Quality people, Safety focused, healthy cattle

who we are

A family owned trucking company.

Northwest Beef Express specializes in hauling feeder and fat cattle, various types of cattle feed and by-products throughout the Pacific Northwest. Our locations are structured around the feed yards and ranches we haul in and out of with a main terminal in Hermiston OR, an office in North Powder, OR, and another terminal in Nyssa, OR.

Core Values

  • Commitment to employees and our community
  • Animal well- being
  • Environment
  • Customers
  • Innovation and Food Safety


WDG (wet distillers grain), Potato Slurry and Fries, Barley, Grain are just a few of the commodities we haul to local feedyards and dairies in the Pacific Northwest. Our biggest customers have 4 hooves and 4 stomachs! We run 24/7, 365 with dedicated routes that keep our drivers running, and our cattle customers fed and happy! Commodity opportunities are at both our Nyssa and Hermiston terminals and get paid by the load with night differentials, and ample bonus compensation.


Fats and feeders are hauled by our team to and from ranches, and feedyards in various locations.
We provide hands-on training to all of our drivers from BQA – Beef Quality Assurance, to cattle
handling and safety. While these animals are on the move in an NBX truck, it’s up to our drivers
to maintain the highest standards of animal welfare for both the cattle and the end consumer.
Our cattle positions are salary based, with a set salary every week and opportunity to get bonus
loads and pay for those that want it. Training for CDL holders without cattle experience is


With a fleet of over 50 commodity trucks and trailers, and 12+ cattle trucks, it takes a team to keep them on the road. Our Hermiston and Nyssa Shops are home to our dedicated team of mechanics that keep our drivers moving. You’ll find our shops safe, clean and well maintained by our professional mechanics, service technicians and dispatchers.

It is probably the best job I have ever had as a driver including owning my own company before.
— Ken Pierson, Northwest Beef Express