Meet Lino Covarrubia

Meet Northwest Pasture Beef Feed Supervisor, Lino Covarrubia! Lino is originally from Tepic Nayarit, Mexico. He immigrated to the United States as a young person. Lino now lives in Irrigon, Oregon with his family. Lino is the second oldest of his eight siblings and the only boy. Lino and his wife Judith now have a large family of their own! They have five children, three boys and two girls. He attends every one of his children’s sporting events, Basketball and Football being his favorite. Lino’s father, Daniel, also works for Beef Northwest in the Hospital Department at the Boardman facility.

Lino has worked for Beef Northwest for 13 years now. He started off by working in our milling department. He worked in milling for a year and then started driving feed trucks, which he did for another six years. Lino got a good feel for the cattle’s feeding needs driving feed truck and began to call feed on the weekends as a backup feed caller.

Having a knack for understanding the cattle’s nutritional needs, Lino was promoted to feed supervisor at Northwest Pasture Beef. He says that he enjoys checking bunks and calling feed as it is rewarding to see consistency for the cattle and exciting making the right calls. However, he says his first love is driving feed truck and still enjoys doing so when he needs to fill in for someone. He says that he likes that there’s never a boring day working at Beef Northwest. Lino also says he likes the company’s values and feels Beef Northwest genuinely cares about him and his family. Lino also wanted to add that he is grateful to Beef Northwest because “thanks to this company I am able to put food on the table for my family.” We’re grateful to have you as a valued member of the team Lino, you help put food on the table for many families!

Speaking of food, Lino and his family started a tradition two years ago by throwing weekend barbeques. Its one of the many activities he enjoys doing with his tight knit family. Thanks for all you do Lino.

–by Kylee Slater