Natalie Tarvin

Say Hello, to our growyard business analyst Natalie Tarvin!

Natalie has been a part of our team since 2018 and her job duties cover everything from cattle to commodity transactions for our growyards. Both Natalie and her husband grew up around horses and in the agriculture lifestyle. Natalie started out as a novice in the cattle feeding side of the industry, and has quickly learned on the job about the ins and outs of feedyard life. She says her favorite part about working for Beef Northwest is how inclusive we are to first generation Ag employees. Natalie said it’s a humbling industry and appreciates that our veteran employees are always willing to teach and help grow newbies like herself. In her free time she enjoys gardening, team roping, and hanging out at home with her two border collies, chickens, and Scottish Highlander cattle. Thanks for being a part of the Beef Northwest Crew!