Meet Chevo and Esmeralda Fregoso

Chevo Fregoso is the eyes and ears of our Quincy, WA Feedlot. With his short commute of 50 yards between the office and his house, there isn’t a cattle or feed truck that goes by without him knowing.

Chevo started with us seven years ago, operating equipment at our largest Feed Yard in Boardman, Oregon. He has seen and done it all including processing, feed truck driving, and all aspects of maintenance. His interest in the mechanical work has been an asset to keeping our yards running smoothly.

Chevo grew up in Jalisco, Mexico and moved to the United States in 1991. He started out in construction but took a job at Simplot and 3 Mile Canyon Farms in the early 90’s. He enjoys the feed yard work; his favorite role is calling feed in the feed truck. The art that goes into getting the correct amount of feed to the cattle along with the technology of the feeding process greatly interests him.

Chevo’s aptitude for equipment is not the only thing he brought to Beef Northwest. His daughter Esmeralda started working for us in the office part time during High Moisture Corn season two summers ago.

After watching her dad and brother enjoy being a part of the Beef Northwest team she decided to jump on board as well. A recent high school graduate, she started full time in the office this past summer. Esmeralda spends most of her day entering commodity tickets, weighing trucks, and running reports for the Quincy yard commodities. Recently she expressed an interest in becoming a feed truck driver. She is catching on quickly in this new role.

Growing up next to a feedlot is an experience most kids don’t get to have. Esmeralda said she’s always loved animals and has enjoyed having 15,000 head of cattle right in her backyard. Her favorite part of working at Beef Northwest is the gas money she saves on her walk to work, and how relaxed the atmosphere is in the office.

The father – daughter duo both enjoy working together, and we can’t imagine the yard without them. When not at the feed yard they both like to travel and spend time outside at the local lakes BBQing and hanging out with family. Thanks for being a part of our Beef Northwest Crew, Fregosos!